Head Kore 1
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Head Kore 1

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Like it did with the construction of its KORE skis, HEAD infused stiff, lightweight Graphene into the plastics of its new KORE 1 boot to yield a product that’s rigid enough for the most aggressive skiers without dragging them down. HEAD also utilizes lightweight aluminum buckles to shed more mass and combines that with a ski-walk mechanism with a 45-degree range-of-motion, GripWalk soles and tech inserts that make uphill travel a dream. One of the coolest features of the KORE 1 is its Liquid Fit Customization System. The liner has pockets in the heel and ankle that can be injected with paraffin. The material doesn’t compress, but will conform to the bony, prominent parts of your ankle and Achilles, offering a comfortable fit and precise performance.

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