Faction Prodigy 4.0

Faction Prodigy 4.0

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Whether it’s dumping outside or springtime slush, the Prodigy 4.0 is the perfect answer for riders who want to let it loose every damn day. A 112mm waist nails the perfect width, being wide enough for the deep days, burly enough in choppy snow and manoeuvrable enough on hard-pack. A Poplar/Ash core bodyguarded by two full layers of eco-friendly Flax Fibres keep the ski strong yet responsive, in the air and on the white stuff. A progressive, directional twin tip shape, Surf Zone technology and generous rocker provide float and a surfy feel in the pow, always ensuring that you can slash that wind lip or butter that stamped-out take off with ease. Built to be playful when jibbing yet solid when charging lines and stomping huge airs, it’s no wonder the Prodigy 4.0 is Johnny Collinson’s favourite everyday weapon of choice.

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